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Lads of the Ring 7
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Lads of the Ring 19
Firm vs. Thrillers

NewPro 1
Greed vs. C

NewPro 3
Rush & Delyte vs. RPM & Kevorkian

NewPro 4
Flyguy vs. Ref

NewPro 4
Chuck & Christian vs. C & Daniels

NewPro 4
Gilbert vs. Sampson

NewPro 4
Ref' vs. RPM

NewPro 9
Coleman vs. Matt

NewPro 9
Cage vs. Ref

NewPro 9
Logan vs. Walker

NewPro 11
RPM vs. Sampson

NewPro 11
Kaos vs. Cage
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BGE brings back all the great holds, classic moves and dramatic action that made old-school pro wrestling great! From New England to Olde England, from Alabama to Ireland, we bring you exciting athletic pro wrestling action featuring mostly light, middle and cruiser-weight wrestlers, serious established talent and high-flying future stars.